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As to the original report:

# When I change the values from within the start screen, the old values are
# used in the new game, instead of the new ones. This is a bug.
As I mentioned, this is because the server sends the old settings again, and
wipes out the changes.  I'm trying to figure out a work around, and the only
solution that I see for 2.1 is to save the settings as the dialog is closed.

The original designer(s) had two menu items: save options and save options
on exit.  That simply won't work here, as that menu isn't showing on the
start screen!  (Apparently, the start page is a recent addition.)

It could be argued that the menus should be there on the start page.  But
many folks will depend on the save on exit, which won't work here.

Why is there save on exit?  Why not just save on closing the dialog(s)?

If there's no good reason, I'll remove these menu items, instead....

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