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> Christian Knoke wrote:
> > Starting a new game, I *can* set the saveturns and savename options. This is
> > new and this is good. Previously, I had to do the settings just after game
> > start, with a chance to forget it.
> > 
> > These settings are saved. Freeciv is remembering the setting from a previous
> > game. This is questionable.
> > 
> There's no indicator anywhere that some "settings" are per game, and others
> are permanent....  Maybe the entire mechanism needs to be divided?

The file is .civclientrc, and saving game (=server) settings in it is
somewhat suprising. And it is only these two that are saved AFAICS. savename
shouldn't be saved, because I (at least) change the game name when I start a
new game. saveturns can be useful to save in there.

> > When I change the values from within the start screen, the old values are
> > used in the new game, instead of the new ones. This is a bug.
> > 
> Which old values?  From the saved file?  From a saved game?  Defaults?

Start a new game, choose nation, change server options, *then* start game,
then go to server options in file menue, and you see that the value you've
previously set for the savename is not there.

> There's definitely a problem I've reported elsewhere that the settings
> current values are sent in the settings messages, and also sent in the
> game.info message.  Any time you have something stored in two places,
> there's some chance they will conflict....
> That's a major packet re-design issue.  I'm working on it for 2.2.
> > When I log in to a remote server, these two settings are sent to the server,
> > which usually reacts with an error message. The former is a bug, too.
> > 
> There's no indicator anywhere that some "settings" are per server, or have
> some level of access, so the client can only try and get an error message.

On a remote server, I'm usually nor allowed to set save options

> Again, a major packet and internal re-design issue.  Maybe someday.


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