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This whole "narrative" is a problem.  I fixed the possessive grammar last
release, but the messages themselves are questionable.

   notify_player(pplayer, NULL, E_CIVIL_WAR,
                   _("Your nation is thrust into civil war, "
                     " %s is declared the leader of the rebel states."),


   notify_player(NULL, NULL, E_CIVIL_WAR,
                _("Capture of the %s capital and destruction "
                  "of the empire's administrative\n"
                  "      structures have sparked a civil war.  "
                  "Opportunists have flocked to the rebel cause,\n"
                  "      and the upstart %s now holds power in %d "
                  "rebel provinces."),

Why the line breaks?  How does the server know the best width?  Or the
translators know for all clients in advance?

Aren't we supposed to use the leader name together with the nation name?

We tell everybody else how many cities, but not the player losing them?

I'd like to split this into at least two messages.

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