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Egor Vyscrebentsov wrote:
> 1. FR: nation_ajective_plural_for_player() function.

That's very unlikely.  We'd end up with n**2 translations.

> 2. "of the %s" will force us to enter cases problem...

> "to the %s" cause to enter cases problem...
What is a "cases problem"?

> ru_RU specific:
> Gender problem can be avoided by usage nation_plural at the first place.

After all the recent work to add adjectives, you want to eliminate them?

> Other way is to _always and everywhere_ use only one gender.

English has no genders, so technically we *are* using only one gender.  Any
genders are specific to your translation.

> (BTW, for all the time in ru.po nation.name == nation.plural. I don't
> know if i could change this painlessly - reason is cases.)
If you've made all the adjectives == plural, maybe that's the problem.

Daniel, you did the adjective thing.  I only learned of it a few weeks ago,
because nobody had done any code support for it.  What's the rationale?

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