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On Wed, 23 Jan 2008 William Allen Simpson wrote:

> Why the line breaks?  How does the server know the best width?  Or the
> translators know for all clients in advance?

As I said early, freeciv is still NOT utf-8 application, so breaking
lines in f.e. server console is more worse than it looks in the code.
(For ru_RU.UTF-8 part of lines cover only half of screen width -
2 bytes/character. Easiest example - '/help' [show_help_intro].
wordwrap_string() looks to me like the root of problem in this case.)
All the data stored in UTF-8 inside, right? But we still use char,
strlen() etc.

> Aren't we supposed to use the leader name together with the nation name?

It should be done. Also, I think we want to use nation name as a basis
for all diplomatic things, aren't we?

> We tell everybody else how many cities, but not the player losing them?

Oops. Sure, there is only logging, not notify... Wrong thing, to my mind.

> I'd like to split this into at least two messages.


PS. I'm also for splitting into several messages a keyboard/mouse orders
helptext from data/helptext.txt. It will a) make it much easier for
translator to see changes; b) be a step towards user-defined control.
But this is another story.

Thanks, evyscr

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