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On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 William Allen Simpson wrote:

> Now, are these adjectives and plurals good for everybody?
> Or do we need a different word order?
> Or no adjectives at all?
> (Note that I kept the parameter order exactly the same, to avoid problems
> with slower translators.)
> ===
>    notify_player(pplayer, NULL, E_CIVIL_WAR,
>                  _("Your nation is thrust into civil war."));
>    notify_player(pplayer, NULL, E_FIRST_CONTACT,
>                  /* TRANS: <leader> ... the Polish rebels. */
>                  _("%s is the leader of the %s rebels."),
>                  player_name(cplayer),
>                  nation_adjective_for_player(cplayer));

1. FR: nation_ajective_plural_for_player() function.
2. "of the %s" will force us to enter cases problem...
(cmp. "Польские" and "Польским".) [Well, first is "Польский" (non-pl.)]
However, this never stoped us before.

>       notify_player(pplayer, pcity->tile, E_CITY_LOST,
>                        /* TRANS: <city> ... the Poles. */
>                        _("%s declares allegiance to the %s."),
>                        city_name(pcity),
>                        nation_plural_for_player(cplayer));

"to the %s" cause to enter cases problem... (сmp. "Поляки" and "Полякам".)

>    notify_player(NULL, NULL, E_CIVIL_WAR,
>               /* TRANS: The Danish ... Poles ... <7> cities. */
>               PL_("The %s nation partitions after civil war."
>                   " Insurgent %s now hold %d city.",
>                   "The %s nation partitions after civil war."
>                   " Insurgent %s now hold %d cities.",
>                   i),
>               nation_adjective_for_player(pplayer),
>               nation_plural_for_player(cplayer),
>               i);

ru_RU specific:
Gender problem can be avoided by usage nation_plural at the first place.
Other way is to _always and everywhere_ use only one gender.
(BTW, for all the time in ru.po nation.name == nation.plural. I don't
know if i could change this painlessly - reason is cases.)

All of things above can be considered as a specific case.

Thanks, evyscr

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