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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Tue Jun 10 12:37:35 2008]:
> 2008/6/9 Madeline Book
> > With your blessing I will being to merge this new
> > editor gui code into S2_2 and trunk. That way afterwards
> > individual commits can stay relatively small and examinable.
>  Currently I concentrate to 2.1.5 release, so I'm not looking in to
> your patch just yet. I'm not asking you to postpone commit if doing so
> will make further development harder for you (you have waited the
> required 24h for comments already, and there's no point in waiting
> forever just because others have no time) but if you can keep on
> developing even when this is not committed, I would appreciate
> postponing this to next week.

No problem, it doesn't inconvenience me at all. I'll just keep
working on my local repository and post diff snapshots every week
or two (and perhaps expand the internal summary on the wikia page).


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