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 I only read sources, not yet tested.

 -  Please don't add new empty function headers. New code should have
function headers already when committed.
 - You add function client_player(), but don't always use it in new
code instead of client.conn.playing

 What really happens to these files:

--- a/client/gui-gtk-2.0/Makefile.am
+++ b/client/gui-gtk-2.0/Makefile.am
@@ -42,8 +42,10 @@ libguiclient_a_SOURCES = \
        dialogs.h       \
        diplodlg.c      \
        diplodlg.h      \
-       editdlg.c       \
-       editdlg.h       \
+      editgui.c       \
+      editgui.h       \
+      editprop.c      \
+      editprop.h      \

 Are editdlg.[ch] renamed, split or completely replaced?

 - There's some new direct S_FORTRESS and S_AIRBASE references. That
goes against work for generic military bases. See common/base.[ch] to
see if better implementation is already possible.

 - Add FIXME about the fact that following code is not generic enough
+  coastal = is_sailing_unittype(punittype);
+  homecity = find_closest_owned_city(pplayer, ptile, coastal, NULL);

 - Why city creation now fails without telling reason to client?
(modifications to handle_edit_city_create() /
handle_edit_create_city() )

 This is huge patch. Let's make only agreed fixes against this patch
before commit (It's impossible for others to track what other changes
appear if you do other development).

 - ML

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