Follow-up Comment #1, patch #1188 (project freeciv):

Oops - already a fix... "menu.c.02_accels_revised.diff" replaces

The previous version of the patch didn't correctly set the sensitivity of
"Unload All From Transporter".

As long as I'm here, here's the bulleted list corrected to use Gna's rich


I've split my changes into three patches:

Rearrange the menus ("menu.c.01_reorg.diff")
* split up long "Orders" menu
** Select menu for selecting units
** Unit menu for movement and other actions on the unit itself
** Work menu for actions mostly pertaining to workers/settlers
** Combat menu for battle/diplomatic actions
* try to keep commands in small, logical groups of related items
* move taxes and government dialog boxes to "Reports"
* avoid cascading submenus where possible

Change accelerators and mnemonics ("menu.c.02_accels_revised.diff")
* use "Ctrl" for application control commands
* use "Shift" and keys w/o modifiers for unit commands
** "revolution", a potentially much more destructive operation than "connect
with road", is assigned the former's three-key shortcut
* try to make mnemonics consistent with accelerators (without being
unnecessarily slavish)
* remove tear-off menus (except for "View" menu)

Change help text to match new commands ("helpdata.txt.diff")
* change keys where needed
* add new commands
* remove old command ("C: unit (c)onnect")
* group keys into more logical usage groups

(file #6197)

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