Follow-up Comment #7, patch #1188 (project freeciv):

> (necessary) refinements

 Drat, I was planning to commit menu restructuring now (well, I have not yet
even investigated or tested the code, but I'm sure we can make it acceptable)
and postpone accelerator changes.

 Problem with accelerator changes is that some work has been done to use same
keys in all clients. Changing them now in one client is not necessarily a good
 Even though cproc has been less active lately, SDL client in trunk is still
very much usable client. I want to avoid unnecessarily making it incompatible
now, close to S2_2 branching.

 However, after S2_2 is branched, making these changes is not a problem. Then
there is time of whole release cycle to make necessary changes to other
clients - and if nobody makes the change = nobody maintains the clients ->
they will be broken by many ways anyway when 2.3 is released.

 So, my current feeling is that this ticket goes forward only after S2_2
branching. Ok?

> I can place patch "menu.c.01_reorg.diff" and
> "menu.c.02_accels_revised.diff" in two tickets -
> would you like me to go forward on that?

No need if they have to go in in same commit anyway.


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