Follow-up Comment #11, patch #1188 (project freeciv):

OK, I'll get patches together and put each one in a separate ticket, so that
they can be reviewed independently.

> - "Civilization" has general settings affecting your whole
> civilization, yet it is next to last menu. I would move it
> second after "Game".

I agree that might seem a little odd at first, but its commands affect game
controls, rather than elements of the game itself (views, lists, etc - the
exception is revolution, but tough to say where else to put it at the

This has worked well for e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash (development),
which offer palettes and other controls in a similar spot. I've used those
apps regularly, and think it works well overall. But I admit that my same
experience that led me to bring this arrangement in Freeciv may have clouded
my judgment. :-)

> - "Edit" is not usually needed at all - I would move it after
> all the menus used in normal play, just before "Help".

I tried to follow the generally accepted order of menus (File, Edit, View,
Select, Window = Civilization, Help). But this Edit menu is also more
vestigial than useful.

Once the menus are converted to GtkUIManager, it'll be possible to change
top-level items. Then edit mode can gain more menu items, better/more
shortcuts (no conflicts with game menus). That would allow the edit mode
commands to disappear from Edit, and it would make sense to move the others
out and remove Edit completely.

I see this revamp as the start of an iterative process, focusing on unit
management this round. I didn't clean up the other menus as much, because the
final arrangement isn't yet clear in my head and I wanted to avoid too much
moving around during future steps.

That said, I'm more than happy to make your two changes to the patches if you
still see fit. I just wanted to explain my thoughts a bit, in case that showed
a bit more method to my madness... :-)


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