Follow-up Comment #18, patch #1188 (project freeciv):

Hi, Marko and Matthias. Thank you both again for taking time to review my
patches and for your comments.

I've created a new patch, which rolls both stages into a single patch. (I
figured that this was less confusing than trying to keep the menu reorg and
modifier key changes as two separate stages).

These are the only two patches needed for the GTK client:
* (just added): keys_gtk_r15875_v03.diff
* file #6195: helpdata.txt.diff

Other clients:
* patch #1211: SDL
* patch #1212: Windows native
* patch #1213: XAW

I hope that I've been able to address both your comments either by
modifications or by explanation. Please let me know if you'd like any further
changes (e.g. Marko if you don't agree with my reasoning behind the position
of the Edit and Civilization menus). I'd be happy to change my patches to
meet the requirements for acceptance into Freeciv.

(file #6457)

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