Follow-up Comment #16, patch #1188 (project freeciv):

> I use the new menu structure. It is a little bit strange first - I expect
tax setting in the game menu.

I can understand the initial confusion. I'd agree to an extent, since I
myself am still not sure this is the most optimal structure - but I think
some of the strange feeling comes from previous experience (Tax Rates were in
Edit previously, also not optimal).

The idea is to separate actions that affect the game structure (i.e.
preferences, etc.) and the game in progress (city list, tax rates, etc).
Hence, your civilization (the overarching condition of the collection of
cities, etc).

I laid out my reasons much better before, but I also would like to repeat
that if this set of patches are accepted, they'd be the basis for future
evolution rather than the end-all be-all. Which would include integrating
feedback from users like that.

> One message I get:
>> Can't set sensitivity for non-existent menu <main>/Civilization/Tax
> It is repeated quit often for the client

OK, I'll take a look into that and make a revised patch. I was going to make
one other revision to bring it in line with the patches I submitted for other
clients anyway.


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