Follow-up Comment #8, patch #1252 (project freeciv):

- I guess "xxx_BRIDE_COST" should be "xxx_BRIBE_COST" :-)

In general min/max checks should be only against illegal values, and not
restricting too much what ruleset can do. So I'd set some max values to
ridiculously high values to make sure nobody hits it except by typo.

- MAX_ILLNESS_BASE_FACTOR is only 4x default value
- MAX_ILLNESS_TRADE_INFECTION_PCT is only 4x default value
- MAX_ILLNESS_POLLUTION_PCT is only 4x default value
- MAX_BORDER_SIZE_EFFECT should be higher
- MAX_INCITEBASE_COST is only 5x default value
- MAX_INCITE_UNIT_FCT should be higher
- MAX_INCITE_TOTAL_FCT is only 5x default value
- MAX_CITIES_MIN_DIST should probably be higher (only one city/island
scenario games)
- MAX_RANSOM_GOLD should be higher
- MAX_UPGRADE_VETERAN_LOSS should be lower. It's certainly a mistake if
someone tries to set this to more than 100 veterancy levels (default ruleset
has 5 and IIRC code supports up to 32)

- secfile_lookup_int_default_min_max() returns minval when val > maxval.
Should be maxval


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