Follow-up Comment #9, patch #1252 (project freeciv):

> - I guess "xxx_BRIDE_COST" should be "xxx_BRIBE_COST" :-)

ups; you are correct ... 

> In general min/max checks should be only against illegal values, and not
> restricting too much what ruleset can do. So I'd set some max values to
> ridiculously high values to make sure nobody hits it except by typo.
> - MAX_ILLNESS_BASE_FACTOR is only 4x default value


> - MAX_ILLNESS_TRADE_INFECTION_PCT is only 4x default value
> - MAX_ILLNESS_POLLUTION_PCT is only 4x default value

both are percent values; as the illness is clipped to (0, 100) much higher
percent values are not needed; increased to 500 (factor 10 to the default

> - MAX_BORDER_SIZE_EFFECT should be higher
> - MAX_INCITEBASE_COST is only 5x default value
> - MAX_INCITE_IMPROVEMENT_FCT should be higher
> - MAX_INCITE_UNIT_FCT should be higher
> - MAX_INCITE_TOTAL_FCT is only 5x default value
> - MAX_CITIES_MIN_DIST should probably be higher (only one city/island
> scenario games)
> - MAX_RANSOM_GOLD should be higher

values changed

> - MAX_UPGRADE_VETERAN_LOSS should be lower. It's certainly a mistake if
> someone tries to set this to more than 100 veterancy levels (default
> ruleset has 5 and IIRC code supports up to 32)

in civ1 / civ2 rulesets a value of 255 is used (all veterancy levels lost?);
I now set it to this value ...

> - secfile_lookup_int_default_min_max() returns minval when val > maxval.
> Should be maxval


The add-on (file #6487) adds a generalized error function.

(file #6589)

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