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> About: [10/11] patch #1234 - more than one build slot for
> units 
> When I add an Engineer, an Armor and Coinage to a big cities
> build list then I get 3 Engineers and 2 Armors. That is not
> what I would expect from the multiple build slots. I would
> expect it to build an Engineer in the first slot and an Armor
> in the second and then Coinage. 

This patch is an experiment. Big cities have a large production. Even
expensive buildings are finished in less than 5 turns. To use the production
I added this feature. If a unit (without population cost) is in the
production line, more than one unit of this type can be finished within the
turn if there is enough production. This should only apply to the first item
in the production line and only if this is a unit.

If you got 3 Engineers and 2 Armors something is wrong. In your example I
would expect the following

Production line:



turn +1: up to 3 Engineers (depending on the production of the city)
turn +2: up to 3 Armors (depending on the production of the city)
turn +3: Coinage

(considering the experimental ruleset in patch #1236 and a city of size >

For this patch, a display of the available production slots within the city
dialog of the different clients is needed. 


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