Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1234 (project freeciv):

The problem I see is that this makes it rather unpredictable how many units
will be build. Even if you have 2 or 3 build slots that does not mean you
will build 2 or 3 units of each type. That depends on the surplus of shield.

So to build 10 armors I have to count the shields for each turn to see if 1,
2 or 3 armors will be build and put accordingly less armors into the build
list. It also can become impossible to build just one of a unit. What am I to
do with the surplus? Disband them again?

I think it would be simpler to use if the build slots where filled from the
build list, advance the build list after every single unit build. At a
minimum the list should advance if the same unit is present multiple times.
E.g. if 3 armors are in the list and 3 armors are build the list should
advance 3 units, not just one.



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