Matthias Pfafferodt <> writes:

> Follow-up Comment #4, patch #1234 (project freeciv):
>> The problem I see is that this makes it rather unpredictable
>> how many units will be build. Even if you have 2 or 3 build
>> slots that does not mean you will build 2 or 3 units of each
>> type. That depends on the surplus of shield. 
> This was planned as a possibility to use the production of big cities.
> Without this, these cities would accumulate shields with no possibility to
> use them. I restricted the possibility to units without population cost so
> that you can expect that will happen.
> Would a checkbox, which is only active if such a unit is build be OK? Using
> the checkbox you could choose if 1,2,3...x units should be (tried to) build
> next turn. This would also be the visual indicator for this feature.

What is wrong with building the next unit in the list and possibly
showing the number of turns required as 0 for all but the first of a

And in your mode what would happen if I set it to 3 and it only
completes 2? Would one remain on the list?


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