Follow-up Comment #6, patch #1731 (project freeciv):

I dislike making a program 'fat' solely because it can be done.  Just because
newer computers have lots of RAM does not imply that only new computers run
programs.  For instance, freeciv is available for older platforms such as the
Amiga - many examples of which are still running today.  It should not be
expected that these Amigas have tons of RAM, or rather that when they were
built 8MB *was* tons of RAM.

There is also the practical matter [already discussed in the listmail] that
we don't have anywhere near enough nations to accommodate a thousand players.
 256 nations seems like a reasonable upper limit for mass consumption.  [1024
- 256] * 6K = 4.6MB is the amount of RAM that would be allocated but couldn't
even be used because there is nothing to put in it!

My suggestion would be to have freeciv start up with a small number of
players and provide a 'switch' or argument for the server to provide more
slots for players.  If this can not be done 'on the fly' then it should be
implemented as a compile time option.  However, i don't know enough about the
network protocol to be sure if that would also change which clients could


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