Follow-up Comment #7, patch #1731 (project freeciv):

> The problem is, that if it is increased to 1024, freeciv
> will need 1024 * 6k = 6MB for each game even if only one player
> slot is used.

Does this even take in to account that then 1024*1024 diplstates has to be
We certainly have (or are likely get) more users with embedded devices with
limited memory than those who need thousand player games.
Memory requirements grow already between 2.1 and 2.2 so much that I now can
run simultaneously only one Freeciv server at my virtual server. With 2.1 I
run 3 - and already back then there was demand for more. Already I'm trying
to figure out compatible way not to waste that ~2M that unused players use
when max players is 128.


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