Summary: migration disbands city
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            Submitted by: bvanevery
            Submitted on: Tue 15 Feb 2011 05:46:11 AM GMT
                Category: rulesets
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                 Release: 2.3.0-beta3
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I'm playing beta3 with the experimental ruleset.  I have a size 2 city that's
building a settler.  I have not activated the "disband if build settler at
size 1" option.  When the settler is built, the city drops to size 1.  Then
people migrate to my nearby capital, disbanding the city.  I don't think this
behavior should be allowed.  Outpost cities extend the boundary of the empire,
allow observation of trespassers, use resources that are not currently
available to a larger nearby city, may have a coastal outlet where a larger
nearby city has none, may produce a stream of settlers at a usefully
productive rate, and may have a barracks or a city wall.  Just disbanding my
cities willy nilly is really irritating.  I think it is reasonable for
migration to reduce a city's population to 1, but no more.


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