Follow-up Comment #4, bug #17740 (project freeciv):

> I do not see why mgr_foodneeded would change plague behavior.
> The option would need to be more like mgr_healthneeded. 
Sorry, I did not read the 'plague' in your text. But this is a random value.
Perhaps health should be considered in the migration score?
> I could see a city disbanding if it has no resources of
> interest and no buildings. It does not make sense if the city
> has valuable resources within its radius that a major city
> cannot use. Who is going to bring those resources to market?
> Who is going to defend the frontier? If I were a monarch and I
> built a city wall and barracks somewhere, and people deserted,
> I would have them summarily executed upon their arrival to a
> major city. Under a Republic or a Democracy I wouldn't expect
> to have that kind of control. In a Communism you jolly well go
> to where the State tells you. If they tell you not to leave
> the country, you don't, at peril to your life. 
This is possible using effects; See effect_migration_*: You can change the
possiblity for migration depending on the government.

> I suggest weighting resource specials so that cities tend to
> keep a population that works them.
This would really increase the calculation cost as the whole city radius has
to be iterated each time the score is calculated.


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