Follow-up Comment #3, bug #17740 (project freeciv):

I do not see why mgr_foodneeded would change plague behavior.  The option
would need to be more like mgr_healthneeded.

I could see a city disbanding if it has no resources of interest and no
buildings.  It does not make sense if the city has valuable resources within
its radius that a major city cannot use.  Who is going to bring those
resources to market?  Who is going to defend the frontier?  If I were a
monarch and I built a city wall and barracks somewhere, and people deserted, I
would have them summarily executed upon their arrival to a major city.  Under
a Republic or a Democracy I wouldn't expect to have that kind of control.  In
a Communism you jolly well go to where the State tells you.  If they tell you
not to leave the country, you don't, at peril to your life.

I suggest weighting resource specials so that cities tend to keep a
population that works them.


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