Follow-up Comment #7, bug #17740 (project freeciv):

I think if the city is building a Settler, it should diminish the desire to
migrate.  After all, settlement *is* migration.  It doesn't have to completely
stop migration, as a city could take too long to produce a settler, or a
player could be building a settler disingenuously to prevent migration.

The AI can't handle the plagues.  When I play on "Experimental" AI
difficulty, it's trivial to get ahead because the AI has no strategy for
dealing with the plagues.  Trying my 1st serious game under these new rules,
it took me until Turn 200 to get to Miniaturization, at which point my nearest
competitor only had Industrialization.  Other civs were barely beyond
Gunpowder.  Probably the AI believes that smallpox is good, whereas under
plague rules, it's clearly a bad strategy.  Aqueducts are expensive, and
they're the only way to deal with plague.  A civ that builds lots of aqueducts
in every city goes bankrupt.  The AI doesn't really know how to build a few
good "big pox" cities.


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