Update of bug #17990 (project freeciv):

                  Status:                    None => Confirmed              
         Planned Release:                         => 2.3.0                  


Follow-up Comment #6:

Here's my reproduction case:
* Trunk r19601 (needs patch #2627 and patch #2630).
* Start server with attached savegame canadians-T0330-Y01905-manual.sav.bz2
(originally from S2_2, but I doubt it matters).
* Connect one client and take player 'jtn' (Canadian).
* Also connect another client as a global observer (user 'observer').
* Start game and run server command '/lua
print(civil_war(find.player(0),100))' (force civil war on Canadians, creating
the Iroquois).


'jtn' still sees the city of Quebec in fog-of-war with a Canadian flag,
despite the fact that it's clearly in Iroquois territory and the global
observer can see it's an Iroquois city; 'jtn' and can open up a city dialog
for Quebec and apparently see private information (although comparing with the
global observer's view, it's out of date). See screenshot.

After civil war, jtn's client has the following on the console, which looks
like bug #13701 (although I don't know if it has the same cause, nor if it's
related to this problem with Quebec -- city 303 is ex-Canadian Regina which
has also rebelled, but this is correctly reflected in jtn's view):

1: game_remove_unit() at (52,15) unit 2369, Canadian Engineers home 303
1: game_remove_unit() at (52,15) unit 1607, Canadian Engineers home 303
1: game_remove_unit() at (52,15) unit 2580, Canadian Engineers home 303

After the civil war, observer's client starts spewing dbv_isset assertions on
its console whenever you e.g. scroll (bug #18005). Again, don't know if it's
related, but it only starts happening after the civil war.

If the server is logging with "-d 3", I get the attached logfile. Looking for
CITY_INFO / CITY_SHORT_INFO packets about city ID 146 (Quebec), I see that no
packet with "field 'owner' has changed" is ever sent to 'jtn', only to
'observer', which is consistent with the symptom.

I speculate that such out-of-date client info could be implicated in bug
#17860 (a client crash when an enemy takes a city -- not a server crash as I
stated in comment #2).

(file #12846, file #12847, file #12848)

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