Follow-up Comment #12, bug #17990 (project freeciv):

Fix looks good, but there is another problem with out-of-date info on the
client (may be a different bug). Details:

I can still reproduce the symptoms with the latest trunk (r19694) and the
procedure in comment #6. But applying the patch in file #13128, jtn's view of
Quebec is now correct. So that's good. (We can hope that this might also fix
bug #17860, although I don't have a strong chain of reasoning for that hope.)

(The game_remove_unit() messages still appear, however, suggesting that bug
#13701 is not related. For completeness, the bug #18005 treatments respond to
the patch in that bug and are unaffected by this one, as expected.

Now to the new problem I've noticed: regardless of whether this patch is
applied, jtn's client still thinks he can control units in some rebellious
cities which he can still see -- notably Winnipeg and Siem Pang. Clicking on
those cities brings up lists of supposedly-Canadian units, although of course
since there is no alliance, they are actually Iroquois units now, as the
global observer can see; and trying to get them to do anything doesn't work.
However, this only happens for some cities; Toronto, which jtn can also still
see, doesn't behave like this.
(This problem could have always been there; I don't think I played with this


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