Follow-up Comment #18, bug #17962 (project freeciv):

Tested S2_3 before and after this patch with an autogame.

Good news: the autogame with the patch ran to completion without anything
obviously bad happening.

Bad news: this seems to have perturbed the outcome of autogames. In fact it's
different from the very start: the order in which start positions are assigned
to players is different (although the nations/leaders are the same).
The change seems to be deterministic, at least: two autogames without the
patch gave similar-looking results up to the point I stopped them, and the
same with the patch.
This doesn't actually break anything, but it's worrying, as I don't think
this patch should have perturbed anything like this -- even the extensive
change to assign_continent_flood() shouldn't have changed the continent
numbers, I think.


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