Follow-up Comment #20, bug #17962 (project freeciv):

Thanks to some Windows builds provided by cazfi, I'm reasonably convinced
that the patch has indeed fixed the problems described in this bug.

Gory details for the record only:

*Official 2.3.0-beta4 build from Sourceforge
(control 1; expected result: fail):
* Reproduced comment #0: start standalone server; "set size 80"; "set
minplayers 1"; "start" => server silently dies (last output is "2: Creating a
map of size 348 x 232 = 80736 tiles (80000 requested).", even with "-d 3")
* Reproduced GM1530's huge-scenario woes (comment #4):
** The one remaining map linked here (earth-500x250-v1.0.sav.gz) silently
kills a standalone server
** A random selection of maps marked as troublesome in the forum topic
<> do indeed kill the server
*** europe-350x350-v1.1.sav.gz
*** northamerica-350x350-v1.1.sav.gz
** A selection of maps marked as OK are indeed OK
*** europe-332x264-v1.8.sav.gz
*** europe-350x350-v1.0.sav.gz
*** northamerica-350x350-v1.0.sav.gz

*cazfi's S2_3 r19844 snapshot + winstack-0.6.4* (control 2; expected result:
* standalone server with "/size 80": died more noisily (and Googling suggests
that "Exception Code: c00000fd" is indeed a stack overflow):

freeciv-server.exe has stopped working
Problem signature:

  Problem Event Name:       APPCRASH

  Application Name:         freeciv-server.exe

  Application Version:

  Application Timestamp:    4e03c79a

  Fault Module Name:        freeciv-server.exe

  Fault Module Version:

  Fault Module Timestamp:   4e03c79a

  Exception Code:           c00000fd

  Exception Offset:         00092625

  OS Version:               6.1.7601.

  Locale ID:                2057

  Additional Information 1: 5f0e

  Additional Information 2: 5f0e4e86d1f362c8309f9d0145aace82

  Additional Information 3: 4b7b

  Additional Information 4: 4b7b7a98e01bbd2a5ea7b7294f6a669d

*cazfi's S2_3 r19947 snapshot + winstack-* (under test; expected
result: pass):
* "/set size 80": works fine
* loading all of the scenarios mentioned works fine


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