On 15 July 2011 01:38, Jacob Nevins
<0jacobnk.fc...@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
>> It would be also great if someone
>> checks if S2_3 Windows freeciv-modpack works at all. Last time I
>> tested S2_3 (a couple of weeks ago), it did launch (but had critical
>> bugs since fixed). A couple of days ago I tested TRUNK
>> freeciv-modpack.exe and it didn't launch. I'm hoping this is
>> trunk-only problem and not something broken in bugfixes that have went
>> to both trunk and S2_3.
> Afraid not :(
> Crashed on launch.
>> In general, at least I have *never* really used freeciv-modpack in
>> Windows, and probably nobody else has either (well, considering what
>> kind of Windows-specific bugs I have lately fixed in it: nobody could
>> have used it) A bit frustrating that it was mainly problems of Windows
>> users in installing custom content that inspired whole freeciv-modpack
>> and now it's possible (likely even) that we will not have it for
>> Windows in 2.3.0.
> It would be a shame. Is it possible it's a problem with crosser, and
> will work fine in Christian's build? Well, I guess we'll find out...

 Yes, it can be crosser bug, or even freeciv bug that affect only
crosser builds.

> I also tried the freeciv-modpack.exe from the Sourceforge 2.3.0-beta4
> Windows installer; it ran and presented its GUI, but said "Cannot
> determine control directory". Presumably this is because of GNA#18262,
> and would be fixed in the latest version, if it ran.

 OTOH, #18262 is now my main suspect for this crash problem as it's
the one change with clearly Windows-specific consequences. Maybe
user_home_dir() doesn't work on crosser environment? In that case also
other user_home_dir() users would be affected (client trying to save
its settings etc.)
 It would be great if you could test if setting $HOME to some sane
value before running freeciv-modpack.exe would resolve the issue.

> I note that the beta4 installer doesn't put freeciv-modpack on the Start
> menu along with the server and client; I had to hunt around in the
> installation directory for it, which defeats the point somewhat. Would
> be nice to fix this for RC1. I think this has to be done by Christian,
> as I don't think the installer stuff is under revision control
> currently.

 Until we know that freeciv-modpack.exe at least lauches on
Christian's build, I'd not advertise it to end-users by making it
available in Start menu. Maybe we just test freeciv-modpack from RC1
build and if it works, ask Christian to add it to Start menu for final

 -  ML

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