Cannot login to gna at the moment (and this is not really giving any
more insight about the bug, so it's probably only good that this is
not a comment in ticket)

On 13 July 2011 23:59, Jacob Nevins <> wrote:
> If anyone able to make Windows builds can actually verify that the original
> problem has gone away before the weekend, that would be great. Or just make a
> Windows build available containing this fix and I'll compare it to one without
> myself (if I find time).

 I think I can cross-compile new build, but cannot get to Windows
machine to test it. But co-operation sounds good, if you cannot build
but can test. :-)

 I'd like to get freeciv-modpack icon included to that build so you
could verify it at the same time. It would be also great if someone
checks if S2_3 Windows freeciv-modpack works at all. Last time I
tested S2_3 (a couple of weeks ago), it did launch (but had critical
bugs since fixed). A couple of days ago I tested TRUNK
freeciv-modpack.exe and it didn't launch. I'm hoping this is
trunk-only problem and not something broken in bugfixes that have went
to both trunk and S2_3.
In general, at least I have *never* really used freeciv-modpack in
Windows, and probably nobody else has either (well, considering what
kind of Windows-specific bugs I have lately fixed in it: nobody could
have used it) A bit frustrating that it was mainly problems of Windows
users in installing custom content that inspired whole freeciv-modpack
and now it's possible (likely even) that we will not have it for
Windows in 2.3.0.

 I'm not going to wait for freeciv-modpack icon to get committed. I'll
add it as patch to current S2_3/HEAD in my build. I should be back
with the build in a couple of hours.

 - ML

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