Follow-up Comment #3, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

- Converting sprites/canvases to pixbufs should work on big endian machines
- Sprite mask handling
- Use cairo (indirectly through sprites and canvases) also in gtkpixcomm
operation OP_FILL
- Removed some dead code
- Function header for create_unit_pixcomm()
- Use canvas functionality instead of (duplicate) direct cairo implementation
of gtkpixcomm operation OP_COPY
- Unified sprite_scale() with citydialog scaling code (probably fixing bugs
in the process, other bugs make testing futile)

- Unit sprites not shown at help dialog
- GtkPixcomm backgrounds often corrupted
- Overview map does not work
- chatline.c has some drawing code that is not using cairo
- Wrong terrain pieces drawn to main map (mask handling problem?)
- Animated cursors a mess

(file #13724)

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