Follow-up Comment #13, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

No new patch this time, just a couple thoughts and explanations.

As you might noticed, as opposed to the upstream patch, I focused on drawing
first, unifying canvas later.
While gtk3-client is actually "gtk2 on cairo" ATM, I'm still trying to make
changes to ease later porting.

As such:
- there's no GdkDrawable, just GdkWindow
- slowly moving away from *any* use of GdkColor, if possible
(much can be done here - AFAIU, i.e. GtkTextView should be able to accept
colors as "#rrggbb" strings)
- no GdkColormap, if possible

As for GtkPixcomm, I'm thinking about turning it to a container of a
GtkEventBox containing GtkDrawingArea derivate with "color" and "surface"
properties (a bit like GtkImage, but cairo_surface instead of GdkPixbuf) -
that means it should carry private copies of those, so the originals can be
safely released after setting them.

GDK_MULTIHEAD_SAFE is just an additional topic - parts of it are obviously
correct, other are likely not.


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