Follow-up Comment #9, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

In an attempt to find out where things go wrong, I've lobotomized much of old
map redraw logic - I think I've managed to confine redraw to screen to the
expose callback, rest just queries areas for redraw.

I've also given GDK_MULTIHEAD_SAFE a shot - I think I've got most of that
right (though in one or two places, I think I was bit off target).

There was also the matter of colormaps - AFAICT, it can be safely dropped in
chatline and option dialog (gtk docs explicitly say color for textview tag
doesn't need to be allocated), I'm unsure about the lines in gui_stuff.c
though (still, went ahead with it).

Unfortunately, none of the above affected the main problem - corruption of
pixbuf backgrounds.

(file #14014)

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