Follow-up Comment #12, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

Well, I should have expected that - that corruption along shorelines came
from me being cargo cultist.

After a trivial adjustment, mask is drawn in the correct place, so the
corruption is gone.

Still working on the leaks.

Made a change to ai_level combobox, so that as in 2.3.0 first option is
initially selected at "New game".
Changed pango rectangle from ink to logical, as i.e. very long technology
names in Science tab were slightly truncated.

On a semi-related note: it would seem that adding a helper function like
gtk_image_from_cairo_sprite would be useful.
It would simply:
pix = sprite_get_pixbuf(sprite);
gtk_image_set_pixbuf(image, pix);

as it seems that for the moment those new pixbufs leak, if created by

This time I've checked that the patches actually apply (earlier one of them
had a typo, that prevented it).

(file #14045, file #14046)

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