Follow-up Comment #35, bug #18776 (project freeciv):

> == Vision cleanup when player removed ==
> Apply immediately after 2.3.1 release, to get confidence in fix.

Hem. Sorry, dropped the ball here. Well, better late than never.
Matthias' S2_3 patch applied. Version ported to S2_4/trunk attached
(differences trivial, due to patch #2357); will apply soon.
Testing minimal (I'm mostly relying on akfaew saying it made things better).
I've provoked a few bad client behaviours (which should be the subject of a
new bug), but no *server* crash.

> == Player slots miscounted when loading/saving known tiles ==

Now bug #19007. Patch long since applied.

> == Divisor issue when saving/loading known tiles == 

Now bug #19029. Still outstanding.

(file #15054)

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