Follow-up Comment #31, bug #18776 (project freeciv):

The attached two patches should fix the bug, but (see below)

- do not use the player_count() but the highest used player slot index
- fast fix to be used in 2.3.1
- it only changes the function used to calculate the number of int values
needed to save the known information to match the highest used player slot

- fix freeing the player map if a player is removed
- needed to remove the owner information saved in the tile data (used in a

the 'but':
- I could not reproduce the bug without the patch, so there is no test if
this is really a fix for it
- removing a player results in strange behaviour of the client (noexistend
units and cities are shown; clicking on a removed city will crash the client)

my proposal:
- deactivate the remove command if the game was started for 2.3.1; this was
changed in bug #18641 for S2_3; it could (will) be checked for 2.3.2 ...

(file #14579, file #14580)

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File name: 0005-basic-fix-known-map-in-savegame2.patch Size:2 KB
File name: 0006-fix-bug-in-player_map_free.patch Size:2 KB


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