Follow-up Comment #29, bug #18776 (project freeciv):

Last call for 2.3.1 -- I will make the release starting tomorrow morning.

Given the ongoing discussion, it's not clear to me whether the patch(es) here
is/are ready to commit -- if committed now, they would get essentially zero
pre-release testing, so there would have to be a very low risk of regressions
(at least in any functionality other than /remove). I haven't been following
this issue in detail, but comments like "Won't this break existing save
games?" are scaring me. (Please excuse my cluelessness.) So I'm inclined to
punt it to 2.3.2 (or delay the release if it's serious enough, but I'd rather

It's not immediately obvious which patches are proposed; I'm assuming:
* file #14319: 0034-fix-bug-in-player_map_free.patch
** This doesn't apply cleanly to S2_3. However, the conflict looks to be
trivial, due to patch #2357.
* file #14574: 0011-fix-known-map-in-savegame2.patch
** Is this really meant to be attached to bug #19007, not here?
** This seems to be what the ongoing discussion is about.

I guess any server operator affected by this is probably in a position to
apply the patches and recompile if they need to.

> What does this code save anyway? Map tiles without fog of war? 
> Can't this be recreated after /load?
This one I think I can answer: it's saving the per-player map knowledge,
i.e., whether a tile appears black or not to each player; this isn't something
that can be recreated; obviously. (What the player actually remembers at each
map position is saved elsewhere.)


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