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As a newcomer to freeciv I've found myself struggling a little with the
controls, especially navigating the map and commanding units. I think the
controls could be made more intuitive by the following bindings

Besides, and for it's all kind of related, I add this here, selecting multiple
units appears to be a little inconsistent. I'd like to first describe what I
imagined and explain why afterwards.

Mini Map:
* Left click in Mini Map takes focuses on that sector
* Right click in Mini Map has no effect on navigation
* Middle click in Mini Map has no effect on navigation

Main Map:

Regardless of selected units:
* Right click anywhere shows details of the thing underneath (normally, for a
tile - but if in the future there is room for it, it could additionally
display info for a city, etc)
* Middle drag anywhere pans the map

If no unit(s) is/are selected:
* Left click on an empty tile has no effect
* Left drag anywhere drags out a rectangle which selects multiple owned units
* Left click on a unit or city selects the unit/opens the city dialog

If multiple units (all owned by the client) are selected:
* Left click on an empty tile deselects all selected units
* Left drag anywhere traces out a path for each unit(s) to take to that point
(as it is)
* Left click on a unitgroup opens the sub-selection window, and proceeds
* Selecting (clicking onto) another unit, not owned by the client, deselects
all currently selected units and instead selects the single, foreing unit
* Selecting (clicking onto) another unit, also owned by the client adds that
unit to the current selection.

If a foreing unit (not owned by the client) is selected:
* Left click on an empty tile deselects that unit
* Left drag anywhere drags out a rectangle which selects multiple owned units
* Left click on a unitgroup and subsequent selection/or clicking on another
unit deselects the currently selected foreign unit.

I hope I did not forget anything. I'm aware that's "quite a request",
especially from a newcomer. Here is what I think is currently problematic and
could all be solved:

I've not yet a figured a practical use for the LMB in the Mini Map (MM) in the
current setup. Instead, the RMB triggers what's actually the primary function
of the MM, that is, move to a specific sector. Therefore, I think the LMB
should be used for the primary (only?) use of the MM.

I generally discourage the use of MMB. As a Laptop/Tablet user I have no MMB
or only an awkward emulation thereof, so that I think that all functions
should be readily accessible through L- and RMB, which appears completely
possible in our case, as, on the other hand, the LMB and RMB appear not to be
completely exploited yet.

As for selecting, I think it is a bug that normally, you are not able to
select multiple units (is that what the RMB is thought for?), but then, on the
other hand, if a single unit is selected (somewhere) and you click on a
unit-group and therein select "Select All", suddenly both, the old unit and
every member of that group get selected. That's a little awkward at places.

So I think that policy I outlined rectifies most if not all of the problems
and gives a more intuitive use of FC :)


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