Follow-up Comment #5, bug #19524 (project freeciv):

Sorry, I forgot to reply to your last paragraph:

> The only conclusion i can draw from this is that you don't change to
viewpoint on the main map except by clicking on the mini map,
No. I do not remove ANY possibility from the current situation. To navigate
the view you have the following options:

* Click the Mini Map
* Drag MMB on the Main Map
* Push the cursor towards one of the edges à la Autoscroll (I propose this
just now)

> and that you wish for me to give up a click that i use regularly because you
don't use it.
Which click would that be?

 In a perfect world, you could reassign those clicks to suit yourself. However
since nobody's stepped forward to write such an interface, we currently have
to use the controls as assigned by the developers. 
I think the control I suggest are more widely accepted, more intuitive and
more consistent (with themselves and with other programs) than what you
suggest. I think, as I said, you are only insisting on your point because you
are used to it.


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