Follow-up Comment #4, bug #19524 (project freeciv):

Hello again. On a sitenode I tried to register but there appears to be a
problem with the registration form.

> And now i'm even more confused. You say we're using the same client, but the
clicks are reversed on yours compared to mine... Are you left handed?
I think you are STILL mistakenly thinking that what I said describes what I
experienced. No, I described how things should be, I do not mention the
current situation!

>That is just insulting. What i am saying is that the game is complicated
enough, and i don't wish for the controls to be any more complicated. I'd like
the game to appeal to a wide variety of players; forcing the user to focus on
which element of the UI the cursor is over can only drive away players who
have to give half their attention to their children or something.
I did not mean for it to be insulting, neither do I think it is. It's a pretty
apt analogy from where I stand and it examplifies the point that the usual
function of LMB is not some sort of selection but instead the PRIMARY action
on a specific element. With the risk to repeat myself, the primary action on
the MM is obviously navigating to the desired point and not selection.

> If i understand correctly, you are arguing against consistency with the LMB,
and for consistency with the RMB [in 'orthogonal' domains]. The only
conclusion i can draw from this is that you don't change to viewpoint on the
main map except by clicking on the mini map, and that you wish for me to give
up a click that i use regularly because you don't use it. In a perfect world,
you could reassign those clicks to suit yourself. However since nobody's
stepped forward to write such an interface, we currently have to use the
controls as assigned by the developers. 
I think you understood correctly what I described this time, but I'd
discourage your use of "inconsistent".

The rationale behind your argument is "Although the widgets are different, one
button should do the same, regardless, despite how useless that is - because
it would be too complicated for the user to remember otherwise".

The rationale behind my argument is "Controls for individual widgets should be
tailored for that widget. If one has the freedom to choose, for example in the
reasearch pane, the function of buttons in other situations should be
considered and consistency achieved"

So the only problem you see with my suggestion is that users will be
overchallenged if the LMB does not select a unit on the MM?

How come then, if I may ask you, that almost any other game with a MM, LMB on
the MM jumps to that position? I think can tell you why: Because it's a
general consensus that the LMB performs the primary (expected) action on a
widget, like jumping to the position, and THAT's what the user expects.

You are probably not agreeing only because you are familiar with what every
newcomer experiences as inconsistent and awkward behaviour.

Would YOU be overchallenged if a click on a MM takes you to the desired area?


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