Follow-up Comment #2, bug #19524 (project freeciv):

Reporter here (aka ManDay).

Your comment has caused me more confusion than clearing things out. First of
all I must add that this is the gtk2-client. I did not pay much attention to
reporting this correctly for I assumed they were the same as for

With that being said we should at least be sure of talking about the same
thing now.

But instead, I feel like you are talking about a completely different
experience than me.

To be clear: I don't want to dive into a discussion about what has changed
some time in the past, what should be changed, etc.

I'm in all simplicity claiming what it SHOULD BE. That said, why don't you
limit your response to criticizing the issues which you reckon will arise in
my suggestion, rather than defending the status quo by describing (for you
might have thought I needed explanation of the controls) and endorsing it.

I do not say that to rebuke you, of course, I just think you might have
misunderstood my intentions. I do not require help understanding status quo. I
claim that it's inconsistent and uneligible.

Concerning the points you rose:

Your argument that the controls on the Mini Map (MM) and the detailled map
(DM) should be the same is well arguable, and I dissent. The MM and the DM are
two completely domains with orthogonal use. Your argument is kind of like
saying that if you click a button, you should get a caret. Because it would be
too complicated for the user if a button and a textfield responded differently
to a click.

The opposite is in fact the case: Users expect LMB to perform the PRIMARY
operation on a widget. While you certainly have a point that selection is
often the primary operation of LMB, it surely is not in this case.

It's not worth for much, that you can select a unit on the MM with enough
accuracy. In my eyes, it's close to parodying that absurd dogma of "same
controls on every element". Could probably only be topped by MMB on the MM
displaying an information of the completely undistinguishable tile underneath
the cursor.

Bottom line: Imposing identical controls on two completely different elements
of the UI regardless of their differences and intrinsic application is absurd.
Admitted, they are both "maps" - but that's about it. Its "industry standard"
that a left click on the MM takes the camera to that point being clicked.

Concerning your second bullet, RMB, you serve my argument on a silver tablet.
RMB brings up an info in the Research Menu. So it would only be consistent if
it brought up an info on the map, too, as I suggested.

And yes, you currently can't select a foreign unit. Again, you make the
impression that you misinterpreted this bug report as a request for help.

No. I'm saying how things SHOULD BE. It would bring us a great deal forward if
my suggestions were addressed accordingly and not indirectly, by elaborating
on the current status quo.

-- ManDay


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