Follow-up Comment #1, bug #19524 (project freeciv):

I'm still using the GTK2 client rather than GTK3, but i wonder that the
controls are that different?  For me, right click (RMB) has always changed the
viewpoint [either Mini Map or Main Map] and left click (LMB) has always been
used for interaction [select a unit, change a worker, etc].  I'm not sure if
that got swapped in GTK3 or if you have a utility running on your laptop to
reverse those?  Gnome does have the "Left-handed" option...

In any case, my personal view is that ease of use is improved through
simplification: the user shouldn't have to think twice about what window they
are looking at before deciding if a certain click is going to deliver a nasty
surprise.  So in general:

* LMB should select things.  That has been standard usage since two button
mice were invented.  FWIW, if you are very precise you can select a unit with
a LMB click on the Mini Map.
* RMB moves the map, since that is a function that is needed often in FreeCiv.
 This functionality does not currently exist in a city map with when variable
city radii are in use, but it should.  There doesn't seem to be a consensus as
to what this button should do in non-map tabs or windows.  RMB in the research
tab brings up help about the technology under the cursor, selects a unit in
the overview tab of the city window, and does nothing in other places. 
Consistency is certainly lacking here. 
* MMB is ignored for the most part.  AFAIK it is only ever used in the Main
Map [where it gives information] and the Editor [where it brings up the
Property Editor window].  On my laptop MMB is emulated by Alt-LMB. This is the
"Emulate three button mouse" option of X11.

I concede your point about left dragging doing things depending upon whether
you have units selected or not, but you can in fact turn off the "Keyboardless
goto".  In GTK2 this is found in Options -> Local Client -> Interface.  There
are some other relevant options in here as well, namely "Select cities before
units" and "Clear unit orders on selection".  I don't have an opinion as to
selecting multiple units - i generally avoid having more than one unit in a
tile at a time, and thus force myself to move units individually.

Oh, and you can't actually select a foreign unit - this is treated the same as
clicking on an empty tile.


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