Follow-up Comment #3, bug #19524 (project freeciv):

> Your comment has caused me more confusion than clearing things out. First of
all I must add that this is the gtk2-client.

And now i'm even more confused.  You say we're using the same client, but the
clicks are reversed on yours compared to mine... Are you left handed?

> Your argument is kind of like saying that if you click a button, you should
get a caret.

That is just insulting.  What i am saying is that the game is complicated
enough, and i don't wish for the controls to be any more complicated.  I'd
like the game to appeal to a wide variety of players; forcing the user to
focus on which element of the UI the cursor is over can only drive away
players who have to give half their attention to their children or something.

> The MM and the DM are two completely domains with orthogonal use.  (snip) 
RMB brings up an info in the Research Menu. So it would only be consistent if
it brought up an info on the map, too, as I suggested. 

If i understand correctly, you are arguing against consistency with the LMB,
and for consistency with the RMB [in 'orthogonal' domains].  The only
conclusion i can draw from this is that you don't change to viewpoint on the
main map except by clicking on the mini map, and that you wish for me to give
up a click that i use regularly because you don't use it.  In a perfect world,
you could reassign those clicks to suit yourself.  However since nobody's
stepped forward to write such an interface, we currently have to use the
controls as assigned by the developers.


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