Follow-up Comment #5, bug #20663 (project freeciv):

> For the client side I also wonder what happens when allied 
> transport (of which you see units inside) moves out of sight. 
> Does transport get removed from the client when cargo is still 
> in another tile?
I assume this case is why we have the separate transported_by ID on the client
at all -- the code talks about the possibility that the client can't always
see the transport of a cargo unit it knows about, and I was struggling to
think of a case where this could happen. I guess an allied submarine would

Feels like if you have units on board a transport, the server ought to always
show you any enclosing transports as a special case (but if you launch your
last missile from someone else's sub, then you no longer get to see where it
is unless you have shared vision). Would need to decide whether you see other
cargo; if not then may need care handling capacity limits on the client side.
This is all almost certainly a new ticket.


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