Update of bug #20663 (project freeciv):

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Follow-up Comment #6:

> I think it's possible to fix this in respect to supplied
> rulesets by moving block of code that moves trasnported units to
> new tile to be before handling of autoattack and huts.

Attached patch does just that + cargo movement is also before emitting
scripting signal, so script sees cargo in same tile as transport (that's
important at last with requested teleporter like tile support). Note that
movement of cargo does not trigger any of the huts, scripting signal, or
autoattack, so they shouldn't happen before they are called for transport

In supplied rulesets, bug was (at least in theory) present even with
autoattack disabled in experimental ruleset - loaded trireme could get killed
by hut barbarians on river tile.

(file #17630)

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