Follow-up Comment #4, patch #3835 (project freeciv):

Unless refactored, the code can't complain about "desert"+"not oceanic", so
that will remain.  In practice, such redundancies will slow processing the
requirements vector, but should not otherwise impact the game.  I have a
branch where I'm playing with requirements stuff, and hope to have something
reviewable for 2.6 at some point, which should include facilities for much
deeper inspection of potential conflicts or contradictions (which expensive
operations would only happen at ruleset load time).

I'll update the S2_4 and trunk patches to protect against false failure when
one specifies "oceanic"+"not lake" instead of "not lake"+"oceanic" (I believe
the current code works with the second but not with the first, but I may have
the order wrong: this is speculation from reading the code rather than a bug
as a result of testing).  S2_3 is unaffected by this (doesn't check


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