Follow-up Comment #7, patch #3835 (project freeciv):

I haven't reviewed all of effects.c, but there's a number of calls into it in
various places that aren't AI-specific (like from combat), and the few parts I
inspected tend to call into requirements.c at a much lower level than the reqs
processing for other things (buildings, governments, bases, etc.).  In those
cases where "negated" is not respected, I'll prepare patches for S2_5 (and
potentially earlier).

For 2.6, I expect I will end up migrating all rulesets to contain a boolean
value in the requirement specification, simply because the majority-use
codepath doesn't accept nreqs as such.  I can certainly start with the Alien
ruleset and be sure to run autogame tests also against that, but I won't be
able to do only that ruleset and still achieve the scope I hope to reach.


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