Follow-up Comment #8, patch #3835 (project freeciv):

And when I check what precisely needs doing for S2_4 and trunk patches to
ensure that !oceanic+grassland and land+!forest are both acceptable, I
discover that I was indeed reading the code wrong.  These work with the
patches previously attached (and land+grassland fails).  My confusion was that
the same conditional is being used to increment local_reqs_of_type[] and to
control access to the switch statement, whereas for reqs_of_type[], there are
two separate conditionals.  Apologies for any inconvenience (and thanks for
the CodingStyle note that prevents "if (foo) bar;", as once I can remember
this, I should not be so easily confused).

Note that this rejects rulesets that specify ocean+desert or land+desert,
helping ruleset authors catch when they may have made a mistake, but does not
catch situations like !land+!lake+!ocean+!deep_ocean or even !land+!oceanic,
which I expect to handle with the 2.6 branch later.


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