Follow-up Comment #2, bug #21105 (project freeciv):

> Unless I'm mistaken, current spy action enablers are checked before even
attempting the action
You are 100% correct. If an action requires that the target player knows
Writing it will be disabled in the client unless the actor has an embassy with
the target AND the target knows Writing. In the GTK client it is grayed out.
In the SDL and the Qt client it won't appear at all. If a modified client
sends the order anyway and the target knows writing the action will be done.

> Note that for example paradropping works that way - if someone has
transformed land under fog of war to ocean, player can still paradrop unit to
its death.
In that case I think I'll go for "show but indicate" (the fog of war is an
indication). Thank you.

> For something that player does not know if it requirement is fulfilled or
not, there could be also risk associated. Player can attempt such an action,
but it will fail, costing at least movement for the spy, maybe life.
Interesting idea.


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