Summary: Optional rule: Penalty to attack due to ZoC
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            Submitted on: mar 29 oct 2013 11:25:47 GMT
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After some time playing other wargames, and reading about civ5 combat system,
I figured out a simple rule that would make more tactical the combat in

The rule would be:
" When a unit is placed adjacent to an enemy unit, it receives a penalty to
attack against other enemy units. "

Such rule would take advantage of the already implemented Zone of Control
system and I think it could be easy to implement, though I'm not sure.

With the current rules, I think the zone of control does not really affect the
military tactics since it can be easely bypassed by using one single explorer
or diplomat. And I always found it odd that you can attack an enemy unit
placed in a tile that the ZoC rules do not allow you to move to.
This weird effect becomes more evident when I enable the rule "occupy chance =
100%" (where units are forced to move to the target tile after a succesfully
attack). With "occupychance=100", in some cases units can destroy the enemy
without moving to the target tile, due to the ZoC.
My suggested rule would affect only those cases where the unit is already
adjacent to an enemy and tries to attack another adjacent enemy, and it should
not affect the attack against cities or fortresses.

In my opinion, the result of this rule would be:
- when you move your units in open field (out of cities or fortress), you can
create a front of defensive units, and to force the enemy to attack your
flancks first, in order to avoid this new "ZoC penalty to attack".
- it makes it easier to protect vulnerable units in open field without the
need of fortress or mountains or stacking. If you advance with your artillery
in the center of a squared formation (9 tiles), the enemy must destroy 4 of
the surrounding units before they can attack the center tile without
- it would be easier to survive for units surrounding a city. The sieged units
placed inside the city would get this "ZoC penalty to attack" against all the
surrounding units except the last one.
- it would encourage to create different army compositions and different
advancing formations to adapt to the terrain.

This rule would be someway related to this request: bug #20945


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